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Straight Bevel Gears S. G. Gears can manufacture a wide range of straight bevel gears till a maximum dia. of 600 mm. We have nine Straight Bevel Gear generators installed.
Custombuilt Gearboxes S. G. Gears is one of best manufacturer of all components Gear box Assembly as per Customer specification and Assemble the gear box in-house. Gear box assembled as per customer Drawings and Specifications.
Cylindrical Gears S. G. Gears also have Gear Grinding and Gear Shaving Facilities which cover the Diameter and Module Range of our Hobbed Gears. We can Spur And Helical Gears deliver Gear of DIN Class 7 or AGMA Class 11.
Broached Parts with Internal Splines S. G. Gears Broached Parts with Internal Splines can be cut using our CNC gear cutting machines, including internal or external helical splines.
Worm Gears S. G. Gears provides versatile and reliable Worm Gears that will provide your company years of trouble free operation.
Splined Shafts S. G. Gears are capable of manufacturing internal as well as external splines. We are manufacture internal splines with high accuracy and repeatability using Gear Shaping machines and Vertical Broaching Machine of 20Ton 2000mm Stroke.
Gear Metrology We are capable of measuring and analyzing all types of Gears i.e Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Straight bevel Gears, Spiral bevel gears, Herringbone Gears, Worm and worm shafts. The Gear quality class for all these types can be determined.
Spiral Bevel Gears S. G. Gears are capable of manufacturing Spiral Bevel Gears up to range is 500mm diameter and 10 modules. We can provide spiral bevel gears in lapped condition.
Herringbone Gears or Double Helical Gears S. G. Gears is soon setting up a Herringbone Gears or Double Helical Gears manufacturing facility. This Herringbone Gears or Double Helical Gears cutting facility will be installed and production by June 2013.
Precision Machined Components We manufacture Precission Machined Components which require high Accuracy and Precission. We are capable of machining various componets, pump housings, gear box housings etc as per the customer quality requirements.